Whats occurring

Silence is golden or in my case it usually means mischief! Well at the moment I’m busy planning events for 2016 and discussing ideas with various organisations who seem interested. I have ran all sorts of events over the years but my three favorite ones have to be owl pellet dissections, owl prowls and raptor identification days.

Owl pellet dissections often get the same reaction reaction, a rather disgusted look BUT its an incredibly interesting thing to do. Still not convinced then keep reading, owl pellets for those of you still unsure are what an owl regurgitates after eating and digesting their last meal so a pellet can come in different sizes depending on the species but also contain the remains of a variety of prey items so we can work out not only the species that left it but also what they have been eating. Dissecting the pellet is the fun part, I won’t go into to much detail if your really interested you will have to join us on one of our events but by looking at the prey remains we can work out what species have been eaten and the greater diversity can help us understand how the local habitat is fairing.

We are all aware of owls nocturnal habits making them a tricky species of bird to observe but at the right time of year and sometimes with a little bit of persuasion some species are a bit more obliging than others. Owl prowls led by Raptor Aid allow you to learn about British owls in their environment safely and hopefully we might see or hear a wild owl or two along the way.

The raptor identification day is the perfect event for anyone who has had a fleeting glimpse of a bird of prey and wondered what the hell was it. The aim of the day is to help people understand about the species found on the British isles and how they differ both in appearance and behaviour. The morning is spent in the classroom discussing and learning about the species and observing them and then the afternoon is spent out in the field putting what you’ve learnt into practice. Of course there’s much more detail to the day but again you’ll have to get in touch if your really interested.

If your interested in any of our events keep your eye on this blog as we’ll hopefully be releasing dates and locations by the end of February and of course if your interested in hosting an event by Raptor Aid just let us know.