Happy New Year 

As years go 2016 was pretty cool, Raptor Aid really began to take flight, new contacts and friends, new species monitored and it excitingly rolls into 2017! 

I’m very much of the mindset that each year is just a small part of a bigger picture – life, living, friendships and raptors for me and they roll one into the next year. I’m not of the mindset that this year is my year or other such pick me ups and go get ems! 

2017 is an exciting extension on what has been started in 2016 by Raptor Aid. We will continue building contacts including a trip to the Philippine Eagle Foundation in March and hopefully a very exciting announcement in a few weeks! 

We will also continue the monitoring of British Birds of prey ranging from the North of Scotland and Golden Eagles to Goshawks in Gloucestershire and everything in between. We also plan to launch our nest box scheme and twinning schools around the world with bird of prey conservation as for us the education of younger minds is the only way forward in conservation. 

We ran two brilliant raptor identification workshops for the wildlife trust and Field Studies Council, the FSC went so well we’ve been booked again and added an extra day! We have every intention of putting more of these together this year, working closely with other partners. We have added a calendar page to the website and will be adding events accordingly! 

So a busy 12 months off the back of a fantastic first 12 months – enjoy the pictures to recap from 2016! 

Happy New Year! 

Jimmi x

Juvenile Hobbies 2016

Nest box construction – FSC

Field trip – FSC

How many feet did we climb in 2016? Barn owls in a Dove cote

Beautiful Scottish Highlands

Ringing Kestrels – 2016

Peregrines as part of a long term study

Common Buzzards & Goshawks with the GRMG

Cheshire Little Owls

Monitoring Golden Eagles – Highlands