Conservation projects

Here you can find out about the past and present conservation projects we have been involved in, whether on a field, advice or financial basis, using funds raised by Raptor Aid.  Each project is important for many reasons.  Conservation projects like the ones below are often lengthy and expensive but can be immensely rewarding, find out more by clicking on the links.

Monitoring Barn owls in Cheshire – As part of the Broxton Barn owl group in Cheshire we monitor a number of nest boxes under licence. You can find out more here. image

Tawny owl nest box scheme, Gloucestershire – As part of the Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group and with funding through the Gloucestershire Naturalist Society Raptor Aid and fellow raptor conservationist Rich Harris have launched a Tawny owl nest box scheme in parts of the county to monitor Populations and breeding densities. image

Little owl nest box scheme, Gloucestershire and Cheshire – Coming soon as part of continued work with GRMG above, we will be looking at the decline and current population status of the Little owl in these two counties. image

General Bird of Prey Monitoring and Ringing – Along with other like minded raptor field workers Jimmi of Raptor Aid also monitors a number of other raptor species around the country under licence. You can find out more about what and where in regular blog updates and about the British Trust for Ornithology ringing scheme here. image

Share your bird of prey sightings in Cheshire and Gloucestershire – We are interested in your sightings of birds of prey in Cheshire and Gloucestershire. This information can help us to develop future conservation projects and recognise trends in bird populations. If you aren’t from either county you can also share you sightings at BirdTrack or google for your county bird recorder.

We are also currently working on some international conservation links and hope to share them with you soon. Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for up to date information.